We offer the following services at Mirador Accounting Kenya

Cloud accounting (or online accounting) has all the same functionality as desktop accounting, but moves the whole process to the cloud and expands upon it….

Value is high on every corporate agenda. It could be in a business, a brand or a bonus plan; about investment….

Our audit, assurance and advisory services relating to financial reporting and risk management give your businesses the comfort they need to focus on growth and achievement of business objectives.

Our forensic services help clients find and assess the relevant facts concerning alleged or suspected fraud, misconduct, or other improprieties such as violations of laws, regulations, contracts or organisational policies.

Our focus is on helping you boost your business performance by developing strategies to achieve sustainable competitive advantage.

Management consulting is about helping you improve the performance of your organisation.

We believe that risk management is about ensuring that uncertainty does not deflect the endeavour from the business goals.

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