At The Mirador Accountants Kenya , we make use of the best cloud accounting platforms available, to ensure that your accounting records are as close to ‘real-time’ as possible. Cloud accounting is not the future, it is the now.

As fellow business owners, we understand the need to have real-time financial information to be able to make the right decision when it counts. There are few things worse than receiving management accounts two months after month-end, or a set of financial statements more than halfway through the new financial year.

Cloud Accounting Offers you the ability to Run your business from anywhere with a mobile
accounting app for iOS or Android. It’s easy to send invoices, approve expenses, input receipts and reconcile. So you can set up your office wherever you want.

Mirador Accountants are Xero certified  advisors that works with businesses across a range of industries. They specialise in helping to choose apps that integrate with Xero to boost business performance for some of those industries.

Xero is online accounting software that has been designed for small to medium sized businesses. It makes managing the financial health of your business more transparent, straightforward and fun.

Xero runs in the cloud so its easy to collaborate with us as we’re both looking at the same real-time information from your business.


Beautiful accounting software that millions of people love using to run their small business in the cloud.

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